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Today microalgae are popular and will stay popular for quite a while! They are used to produce biofuels, food or medicine. Scientific discover every day new qualities and new species of microalgae. Nowadays, researchers are estimating between 300 000 and 1 million the species of microalgae on earth. About 30 000 species are documented and approximatively 30 are exploited at an industrial level.

Microalgae weren’t a trend until very recently, yet they have been consumed for century. The Aztec and Mayans used to make meals out of them. But cultivating this micro-organism requires some conditions. Protocols are put in place to increase the productivity, the quality and the concentration of the cultivation of microalgae.

The different producers of microalgae

From the general public to businesses, multiple market participants wish to cultivate microalgae. And the marketing teams have figured that out. Consumers are going crazy over microalgae-based products. But who are those market participants in the production of microalgae?

• The general public

Today, the general public has the possibility of cultivating microalgae at their home. Spirulina is considered as “superfood”. It possesses many qualities that the public is found of. Rather than to consume it in pills, spirulina lovers can invest in little cultivation equipment to have fresh microalgae every day.

• Research centers and laboratories

We are very far from knowing all proprieties and qualities of microalgae: producing biofuel, making medicine, creating biodegradable plastics, conquering space…
From ecology to health there is a lot of different applications and they are all very interesting for the future. Research centers and laboratories are constantly studying new microalgae with new characteristics.

• Industrials

When a new propriety of a microalgae has been found and studied, it is necessary to produce microalgae in higher quantity. Different cultivation systems are available on the market to produce at large-scale.
A lot of products exist today with microalgae: make-up, creams, animal feed, food… Companies are rushing to find THE next product with microalgae that will be the new trend among the public.

The cultivation of microalgae, producing well to produce more

Whether it is in laboratories or in production plants, it is important to respect essential elements to cultivate microalgae the more efficient way. For example, light regulation, pH or temperature are important elements to consider before launching a culture.
Numerous production systems are available on the market for microalgae cultivation: photobioreactors, raceways… This different cultivation tools all have their pros and cons.
There are different steps to respect while cultivating microalgae in the best conditions.
Finally, it is necessary to look at all the aspect for cultivating microalgae before producing.