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NANO, the

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NANO – 2x3L ou 2x30L 

The lab photobioreactor

Our lab photobioreactor, NANO, is designed to provide a controlled and optimal environment for the growth of photosynthetic microorganisms such as microalgae and cyanobacteria, as well as macroalgae.

Our cutting-edge technology enables us to optimise the natural conditions for photosynthesis, by controlling with precision parameters such as light, temperature, pH and nutrients.

This photobioreactor has many advantages. First of all, it allows you to conduct reliable, reproducible experiments in a controlled environment to optimise your biomass production. Reliable, flexible and efficient, it opens up new scientific perspectives. Its TWIN system allows you to grow two different algae simultaneously or under different conditions.

Nano photobioréacteur pour la production de microalgues

“We were particularly impressed by the rapid growth of the microalgae and the biomass obtained”


“After 3 months’ use, we can confirm that it is by far the most effective photobioreactor on the market”

Ritmo Agroenvironnement

Photobioréacteur en culture de chlorelle pour laboratoire
Photobioréacteur de paillasse

« Initially, this seemed rather complex. That was without counting on Hugo’s training and the documentation system that came with it the machine »

UCO Bretagne nord

Set up your NANO

You can choose between a SALT chamber and a CC chamber, or have both.

To go even further

Frequently asked questions

Can we cultivate fragile microalgae (which cannot withstand agitation)?

This technology has been developed specifically for the culture of fragile microalgae and, in particular, T-Iso, which is a shear-sensitive flagellated microalga. Thanks to gentle agitation, we can cultivate many different species of microalgae.

Can we cultivate in batch or continuous ?

The control system allows your to cultivate in batch, fed batch, semi-continuous or continuous.

What do I need to put a PBR into operation?

– Electricity for the light and the control system
– Air to agitate the culture
– Salt or fresh water depending on the strain
– CO2
– Nutrients
– A starting strain
– A suitable environment

Synoxis algae can help you to set up your lab.

paul ingenieur technico commercial

Technical details

Dimensions on the bench (L x W x H)
2860 x 470 x 900 mm
Total installed power
1300 W
Useful volume of each growth chamber
2X3 L for SALT or 2×30 L for CC
Regulation range
15 to 35 ºC (for a unit at 20 º)
White or COLORS light with SALT
S/V ratio: 47 m²/m3
WHITE: 0 to 500 μmol/m2/s
COLORS: 0 to 300 μmol/m2/s
Compatible with saline water, fresh water, and brackish water

SALT is a patented technology developed by Synoxis algae to drastically improve productivity by optimising gas exchange and improving access to light.

If you want to cultivate in a more traditional tool, Synoxis algae also offers a cultivation tank.

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