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Synoxis algae

A culture of innovation

Our story

SYNOXIS ALGAE was born out of the diversification of SYNOXIS, a plastics converter. We work closely with Synoxis for the production of our equipment and for support functions. Xavier GAUDEFROY, director of the Synoxis group, is working hard to steer the company towards sustainable business models. We are committed to finding healthy uses for plastics. Imagine producing bio-plastics from algae, which could then be used to build photobioreactors… and so the circle is complete.

Our production and R&D site

100% made in France

All our tests, prototypes and manufacturing are carried out at our production site in the Pays de la Loire region of France. We have set up a laboratory on our premises to test our equipment and put ourselves in the shoes of our users. This proximity to the production site enables us to carry out complex, innovative projects that are customised for our users.

Our values

Breakthrough innovation

Improving algae culture systems
Anticipating the needs of the aquaculture market
Taking part in the French Tech network


Securing production of algal biomass
Producing more with less water and less land
Striving for sustainable performance


Providing an environment conducive to algal growth
Strengthening our skills and their complementarity
Honouring our commitments

Customer satisfaction

Listening carefully to your projects
Adapting to your ambitions
Building long-term supplier/customer relationships

Thierry Beignon



Business manager

Paul Goudeau

Technical Sales Engineer

Hiba Zrig

Technical Sales Engineer

Laurent Veyrac

Before and After-sales technician

Christel Deyrat

Biotechnology project manager