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JUMBO, the photobioreactor

for production compact industrial

JUMBO – 285L

Production photobioreactor

Discover our 285-litre photobioreactor for microalgae production. Thanks to JUMBO’s SALT technology and an advanced pilot system, you can precisely control all the essential parameters: pH regulation via CO2 injection, temperature management via air conditioning, injection of fresh medium, nutrients and water, and air agitation. You can also control the light intensity.

With its 285-litre volume, it can be used as a stand-alone production tool, an inoculum production instrument or for the pilot phase of a project. Our SALT photobioreactors produce an average of 1 g/litre/day, i.e., 15 times more than a 300-litre drum of Spirulina culture.

This industrial photobioreactor offers real reliability for your microalgae cultures, with the possibility of running batch, semi-continuous or continuous cultures. We developed protocols to ease its use. Cleaning and disinfection are done in place (CIP) to save time without dismantling the culture chamber for ever faster launches.

Photobioréacteur avec porte pour la production de microalgues
Photobioréacteur vertical et tubulaire pour la culture d'algues

“The user-friendliness of its automated system, its facility of use and its robustness (very little contamination or biofilm formation) make it a highly appreciated tool.”

CEA Cadarache

“It took no time at all to get the hang of it, and the photobioreactor has enabled us to achieve very high yields very quickly and improve our working conditions.”

Stella Mare

Photobioréacteur avec culture de microalgues
Photobioréacteur avec vue par le bas

«The exceptional quality of their NANO and JUMBO models and their after-sales service have exceeded our expectations. A reliable partner for sustained success.»


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Frequently asked questions

Does the water need to be filtered ?

Yes, we recommend filtering the inlet water to ensure maximum sterility and therefore little contamination. We can provide a Filtration Skid.

What is a CIP ?

CIP= Cleaning in place, it allows you to disinfect the JUMBO without disassembling it. It saves time. It works with non-aggressive chemicals for materials.

Are the machines optimised for salt water and freshwater microalgae?

You can cultivate salt water, brackish water, and freshwater microalgae. For example, you can grow an Isochrysis culture in salt water, a Chlamydomonas culture in fresh water, and then Spirulina in brackish water.

Technical details

Dimensions (L x W x H)
3550 x 805 x 2500 mm
Weight empty
Usable volume
pH/combined temperature
Cleaning in place — Chemical disinfection
Compatible with saline water, fresh water, and brackish water

JUMBO is equipped with the SALT technology.

We offer you a complete laboratory in a container for your algae cultures Non-exhaustive list to be tailored to your needs

The container is equipped with:

  • Filtration skid
  • Bench
  • Air conditioning
  • Water, air and CO2 networks
  • Compressor
  • Water heater

We take customised requests into consideration. Click here to book an appointment directly with our Sales Engineer.

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