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Hugo, our microalgae project manager is going to Portugal in November to install a JUMBO of 350L at BUGGYPOWER. He will be there for two weeks.

LUCY, our “Plug and play” photobioreactor interviewed him on the work he will be doing and the collaboration between Synoxis Algae and BuggyPower.

LUCY interviews HUGO before he goes to BUGGYPOWER

LUCY: First of all, can you explain what is your job at Synoxis Algae?

I am a microalgae project manager. I am in charge of the study and feasibility of the production and microalgae R&D projects with our partners. I also take care of everything regarding biology in Synoxis Algae: the follow-up of the cultures, operating protocols, and also supervising the installations of our culture systems, training the operators and participating in the development of technical solutions.

LUCY: What is the activity of BUGGYPOWER?

BUGGYPOWER is a leading company in the biotechnology industry. They design, build and operate microalgae production unit based on their patented technology. They also produce superior quality biomass for the food, feed and cosmetic industries.
They are based in Portugal and Spain. I am going to Porto Santo, an island of the madeira archipelago where they are operating a production unit with 2,840 tubular photobioreactors with eight meters high and a maximum production capacity of 100 ton/year.

LUCY: Since when do Synoxis Algae and BUGGYPOWER work together?

Since the ISAP (International Society for Applied Phycology) in 2017, we met them in our booth. And since then we have been working together.

LUCY: What equipment of Synoxis Algae are at BUGGYPOWER?

Ha ha, well, for once you LUCY, our photobioreactor “Plug and Play” brought to produce inoculum.
Soon, JUMBO will join you. We have designed a 350L photobioreactor for BUGGY POWER. I will go to Portugal two weeks to supervise the installation and make sure everything goes according to plan.

LUCY: You are going to go two weeks in Portugal, what will your job there be?

I am going to install JUMBO and verify that everything is functional. I will train directly the persons in charge of working on our products. They will be trained on the installation, maintenance, cleaning, disinfection and on the way to control and monitor JUMBO.

LUCY: Are you happy to have the opportunity to travel to Portugal as part of your work?

Yes, it is always interesting to see the work environment of our clients. You can better realize their problematics and offer solutions that truly fits their expectations.
It is also an opportunity for me to discover another country. I have never been to Portugal. I will probably take this chance to visit the island of Porto Santo, discover the Portuguese gastronomy and if I can I will probably do a little snorkeling to discover the local fauna and flora.
I will also check if there are waves and if so I will rent a surfboard or do some body surfing.