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The Plug and Play line is structured around three key themes: ergonomics, mobility, and accessibility. It is the first photobioreactor designed by Synoxis algae. LUCY is already well-proven in many companies and was designed to be easy to move and use. Thus, one training session is enough for you to master the photobioreactor and improve your productivity.


Our photobioreactor for all users

LUCY is the first series-produced photobioreactor designed and manufactured by Synoxis algae. It integrates SALT (Spiral, Air Lift, Tubular) technology which gives it the following advantages:

  • Higher concentration than in the traditional method: around 5 million cells/ml in tank vs 130 million cells/ml with LUCY for Tisochrysis*
  • Improved productivity: 1 g/l/day of Spirulina*
  • Culture longevity of up to 6 months continuously without stopping
  • Compatibility with different more or less fragile strains (Spirulina, Chlorella, Nanochloropsis, and Tisochrysis, etc.)
  • Culture preservation thanks to its closed and automated system

The LUCY system is used in different sectors such as food production, cosmetics, and green chemistry, and has the ability to fulfil the needs of all players in the market. Since 2017, our Plug and Play photobioreactor with a capacity of 16 litres has been used for:

  • Producing inoculum in hatcheries
  • Carrying out R&D studies on research platforms
  • Helping the development of start-ups


*Figures obtained in our laboratory with our cultivation conditions. Figures may vary according to the quantity of strains and inoculum.

LUCY, an optimised and compact photobioreactor

Its responsive touch interface simplifies your microalgae culture operations. You are able to regulate pH and temperature, control light intensity, manage injections and samples, and implement customised programmes. All the while, this data is being stored.

One key advantage is its light intensity! Up to 1400 µmol of photons/m²/s can be reached**. And all this on just 1 m² of floor area.

LUCY’s design is ergonomic and contributes to the reduction of workplace fatigue.

LUCY is already tried and tested. Her record to date is a concentration of 7 g/litre of dry Spirulina. Can you do even better?


**This value represents the light flow in relation to a surface. The greater this value, the more photons the object illuminated by this source will receive. And the photons are the basis of the photosynthesis reaction, which is essential for the growth of microalgae.

Main features

Control system

  • pH
  • Light at a variable intensity
  • Temperature
  • Dosing of the liquid inputs
  • Agitation

4 tubes in glass or plastic

Easy to clean

Capacity: 16 litres

Compatibility: sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Cultivation modes: Batch, fed-batch, semi-continuous, continuous

Data storage

Touch screen with live data reading

Mobile system

LED lighting: 120 watts

LED configuration: white or colours

S/V (illuminated surface/culture volume): 59 m²/m³

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