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Our photobioreactor for everybody

LUCY is the first product designed and built by Synoxis Algae. She integrates an innovative technology that produces quality biomass with high productivities. Used to produced inoculum and as a study tool for research laboratories, LUCY has the capacity to meet the needs of all the market participants.

LUCY integrates the SALT technology just like all the products in the Synoxis Algae range (NANO and JUMBO).

After two years of commercialization, our “Plug and Play” photobioreactor, with a 16 litre capacity, has reached the heart of the:

  • Creative ones by her unique and thought-out design
  • New technologies fans thanks to her complete system and numerous functionalities
  • Thrifty ones by her competitive price
  • Microalgae lovers by her performances

Adopting LUCY means taking part of the family of the new generation microalgae cultivators who wish to combine performance and simplicity of use.

Your accessible cultivation system

LUCY was designed to simplify as much as possible the cultivation of microalgae. This is a turn-key system to facilitate your daily routine. Everything is there to have the most optimal cultivation parameters: light, pH, temperature, agitation, liquids and incoming gases…

LUCY avoids contaminations and warns you by email alerts when she detects an unusual cultivation parameter.

To measure the performances of your tool, our photobioreactor is also equipped of a functionality that gather the cultivation data. Her pilot system offers a batch, a semi-continuous or a continuous mode.

Moreover, LUCY takes up very little space and is easily moveable thanks to her integrated wheels.

Our favorite

We are not going to lie to you, she is our favorite (well mostly Clara’s who is writing the text on the website) for a lot of reasons:

First, she is the first one, she was created in 2016 and presented for the first time at the ISAP congress in Nantes. She is the inspiration for the entire Synoxis Algae range of products.

Secondly, she is very pretty. The goal in her creation was to break with the traditional codes of photobioreactors. We wanted to make a cultivation system that was easy to handle with and eye-catching design. The method used for this realization was the design thinking that put the user at the center of the creative process.

Thirdly, she is the best. LUCY always comes with us on events and everybody stops to take picture and asks us questions (even those who do not cultivate microalgae 😉).

It would be too long to list all the qualities of LUCY, this is why we invite you, if you are interested, to take contact with us and to meet her in person. For that, it is simple: click here.

Main features

Pilot system

  • pH
  • Variable luminous intensity
  • Temperature
  • Metering of the liquids
  • Agitation

4 glass or plastic tubes

Easy to clean

Capacity : 16 litres

Remote connection (monitoring, viewing of the data, alert system)

Recording of the data

Touch-screen with live viewing of the data

Mobile system

LED lighting: 120 watts

S/V (illuminated surface-area-to-volume) : 59 m²/m³

Affordable technology :
starting price at 21 400€

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