Personalized study

You are wondering how much can you produce per year with our technology? You wish to know the profitability of a SALT photobioreactor? Our personalized study defines the most suitable SALT tool to reach your microalgae production goals.

Analyzing to cultivate better

Analyzing – Audit

The first step is to determined your project and your goals. Do you have a predefined quantity of microalgae production? Do you wish to improve your working conditions? Your profitability?
Whether you are already implanted in the microalgae sector or not, we conduct a full audit on the existing taking into account your environment, the microalgae you cultivate, your production tools and your knowledge of biotechnology.

Cost calculation

We estimate your capital and operating costs (CAPEX and OPEX) for a project with the SALT technology to determined its profitability. We take a maximum of factors into account: the type of photobioreactor, your workforce, your electrical costs, your floor area, the intrants (nutrients and CO2) …

Recommendations and guidelines

We are able to provide a detailed report of what you can expect with the SALT technology. We study and analyze with scrutiny your demand to give you a recommendation specific to your microalgae production needs.
You will receive a detailed file with our estimations and the optimized solution responding to your goals.
If necessary, we will offer you alternative solutions more productive and more energy-friendly comparing to your current systems.