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Technology used: motorised agitation

roue a aube vitesse variable

Our raceways integrate paddle wheels at variable speed to ensure motorised agitation. The paddle wheel maintains water in constant movement by homogeneous mixing and allows algae to have access to light.

The special R&D raceway

Raceways or ponds are traditional cultivation tools well known by those who produce algae. At Synoxis algae, we have chosen to adapt this tool for R&D projects:

  • Integrated feet set at a human height offer better ergonomics.
  • Pond made in colourless PMMA with reduced rugosity for optimising natural light and reducing fouling over time.
  • Design reducing dead zones.
  • Corrosion-resistant materials adapted to saline and humid environments.
  • Two standard volumes: 100 L and 200 L

These two raceways can be equipped with a lid to protect the culture from external contaminants. They will fit right into your experimentation or production room!

Main features

Motorised agitation

Reduction of dead zones

Transparent design

Capacity: 100 or 200 litres

Compatibility: sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Design at a human height

Compatibility microalgae, macroalgae and rotifers

Price on demand

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