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Plug and experiment

The “Plug and Experiment” line is structured around three key themes: nomad, compact, and modular. All photobioreactors in this line are made up of customisable technological bricks. They can be easily installed on a laboratory bench at R&D centres, schools, or even in strain rooms. Integrating SALT technology, NANO is adapted to the cultivation of fragile microalgae, such as T-Iso, a shear-sensitive flagellated microalga.


NANO, two growth chambers for twice as much experimentation

NANO was conceived for testing and experimenting on a laboratory scale. Thanks to SALT, NANO optimises the growth of microalgae and obtains extremely concentrated cultures. It is the ideal association of a compact and performing tool.

NANO comprises two 3 L SALT growth chambers. The various culture parameters are controlled via a single control system: pH, light, nutrients, gas, and agitation. Culture data is visible from the touch screen. Data can be downloaded at any time on the control system.

Customise your NANO according to your needs: adding sensors, replacing, or customising technological bricks, integrating additional growth chambers, and much more. Each request is studied to provide the best configuration for your needs.

Find out what our users’ preferred configurations are directly from home:

NANO photobioreacteur

The different configurations

White or Colors

White LEDs offer the broadest possible light spectrum. It meets the needs of most microalgae. A single light channel is controlled using this configuration.

The colour LEDs offer an experience, which is rich in colours. This configuration gives access to three light channels, which are independently controlled. You can then optimise the light supply or stimulate the production of pigments.

Classic or Autoclavable

The classic configuration is perfectly suited for the chemical disinfection protocols, using bleach or peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

The autoclavable configuration fully adapts to the protocols of thermal sterilisation using autoclaves and is particularly focused on the -food production and cosmetic sectors.

Main features

Control system

  • pH
  • Light at a variable intensity
  • Temperature
  • Dosing of the liquid inputs
  • Agitation

2 tubes in glass or acrylic

Easy to clean

Capacity: 3 litres per growth chamber

Compatibility: sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Cultivation modes: Batch, fed-batch, semi-continuous, continuous

Data storage

Touch screen with live data reading

LED lighting: 48 watts, 5000 kelvin

LED configuration: white or colours

S/V (illuminated surface/culture volume): 47 m²/m³

Price upon request

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