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Our approach

Synoxis algae places the user experience at the centre of its innovation process. This results in a complete project support approach with four pillars: the microalgae, the user, the culture environment, and the production tool.

The key factors for the success of your project

The microalgae

The culture parameters are different for each type of microalgae. Knowing what they are gives you a significant advantage for achieving high results.
If necessary, we offer to test your microalgae using our equipment before you start your project.

The user

We support you throughout the integration process of your future photobioreactor: identification of your needs, training, installation in your facilities, and regular monitoring.
This assistance is essential for the success of your project.

The cultivation environment

Depending on your cultivation environment, the use of microalgae cultivation systems must be adapted. We advise you on how to use them.

The production tool

The cultivation system is an essential factor in the success of your project. When considering your project, it is important to choose the right production tool. It should be productive, reliable, and compatible with your strain of microalgae.

Complete project support


Study of your project

The first step is to analyse your request to define together which equipment best suits your needs.

Installation and training course

For a perfect integration of your photobioreactor, we train you during the installation according to your needs and knowledge.

Culture launch with user manuals

User manuals, protocols, etc are systematically provided with our equipment to help you in your daily life and provide you with all the keys to success.


We provide regular follow-up with our customers after the installation of any of our microalgae cultivation equipment.

After-sales service

If you need replacement parts or additional tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.