Plug and experiment

The « Plug and experiment » range is based on 3 axes: nomad, compact and modular. All the photobioreactors of this range are constituted of technological and customizable bricks. They are easy to set up on a laboratory bench, in an R&D center, in an educational establishment or in a conservation room of strains. With the SALT technology, NANO is adapted for the culture of delicate microalgae, such as T-ISO, a flagellated microalga, sensible to shears.

Technical file

NANO, two growth chambers for twice the experimentation

NANO was built to test, experiment at a laboratory scale. Thanks to the SALT Technology, NANO optimizes the growth of microalgae and obtains highly concentrated cultures. It is the perfect association of a compact and efficient tool.

NANO is made of two SALT growth chambers of 3L each. A pilot system allows you to control the different cultivation parameters: pH, light, nutrients, gas, agitation. The cultivation data are visible on a touch screen. You can download the data at any time directly on the pilot system.
You can personalize NANO for your convenience: add sensors, replace or customize technological bricks, integrate a new cultivation chamber… Each request is studied to provide you with the best configuration for your need.

The different configurations

White or Colors

White LED offer the most generic luminous spectrum. It is sufficient for most microalgae. Only one luminous channel is necessary for this configuration.

Color LED offer a highly colored experience. Its configuration gives you access to 3 luminous channel you can monitor independently. This way you can optimize you need in light or stimulate the production of pigments.

Classic or Autoclavable

The classic configuration fits perfectly for chemical disinfection protocols with bleach or peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.

The autoclavable configuration is especially useful for the agri-food or cosmetics industry and fits for thermal sterilization protocols by autoclaving.

Main features

Pilot system

  • pH
  • Variable luminous intensity
  • Temperature
  • Metering of the liquids
  • Agitation

2 glass or acrylic tubes

Easy to clean

Capacity : 3 litres per growth chamber

Compatibility : sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Cultivation mode : Batch, fed batch, semi-continuous, continuous

Recording of the data

Touch-screen with live viewing of the data

LED lighting: 48 watts, 5000 kelvin

S/V (illuminated surface-area-to-volume) : 47 m²/m³

Price on demand

Download the technical file

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