Plug and produce - 100L and more
Technical file

The alternative for producing 

JUMBO is the Synoxis Algae solution for producing biomass in large quantity. Thanks to its integrated starter, using this technology is simple. For example: a 300L JUMBO lunches with a 3L inoculum.

Like all the photobioreactors of Synoxis Algae, JUMBO includes the SALT technology.

synoxis algae jumbo

An adjustable geometry

The SALT technology gives the user a tailor-made tool with a volume customized to its needs.  Its adjustable geometry provides numerous possibilities of installations to obtain the productivity expected in a limited space.

Main features

Integrated starter

Pilot system

  • pH
  • Variable luminous intensity
  • Temperature
  • Metering of the liquids
  • Agitation

Glass or plastic tubes

Easy to clean

Remote connection (monitoring, viewing of the data, alert system)

Recording of the data

Touch-screen with live viewing of the data

LED lighting: 4,6 watts/litre

Affordable technology 

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