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Your new way of cultivating algae

Synoxis algae has been designing and marketing culture systems for algaculture professionals since 2018. Our purpose is to support you in all your microalgae and macroalgae projects. Our products are built on the basis of three well-proven technologies: SALT (Spiral Air Lift Tubular), bubbling agitation, and paddle wheel agitation. Nowadays, Synoxis algae is present across the whole of France and abroad, and serves a wide range of different sectors, including agro-foodstuffs, cosmetic products, aquaculture, education, and green chemistry, amongst others.

Our photobioreactors for algae cultivation

Synoxis algae has worked on producing equipment for microalgae cultivation, in particular by participating in the publication of a thesis in collaboration with IFREMER and the University of Nantes in 2003. The first next generation photobioreactor was launched in 2017 and was the first in the world to showcase SALT technology. In order to fulfil the different market needs, we have developed three photobioreactors, integrating the same technology for multiple different uses.

Find out more about our three photobioreactors dedicated to microalgae cultivation: NANO, LUCY, and JUMBO.

Solutions pour Microalgues


Solutions pour Macroalgues

LEO, Fûts, Raceway

At Synoxis algae we want to facilitate the cultivation of all types of algae. It is only natural that we have developed an optimised range of equipment for the cultivation of macroalgae, both for R&D and production. We build upon proven technical solutions: tanks and raceways. We have developed our own solutions to optimise tank cultivation: LEO, the benchtop photobioreactor for the cultivation of macroalgae.

Explore our range of macroalgae equipment!

Why choose Synoxis algae?

01. Disruptive innovation

  • Improving algae cultivation systems
  • Anticipating the needs of the aquaculture market
  • Being part of the French Tech network

02. Performance

  • Protecting algal biomass production
  • Producing more with less water and using a smaller area
  • Seeking sustainable performance

03. Quality

  • Offering a suitable environment for algal growth
  • Reinforcing our expertise and its complementary nature
  • Respecting our commitments

04. Customer satisfaction

  • Listening carefully to your project ideas
  • Adapting to your ambitions
  • Establishing long-term supplier/customer relationships

Our customers share their experiences

“Having been able to use LUCY to produce algal biomass I can attest that it is a compact, very easy to use photobioreactor controlled by an embedded software that can define the cultivation parameters but also record data. Being equipped with the necessary equipment, LUCY can cultivate in batch or in continuous. Furthermore, the proximity between the cultures and light allows LUCY to give very high productivity. And, also Lucy is very beautiful.”


“LUCY satisfies all our expectations, with her easy-to-use aspect and performance more than convincing. The Synoxis Algae team is completely available to assist our troubleshooting and specific customizations which is gladly appreciated.”


“A year and a half ago, we bought a photobioreactor LUCY in our shellfish hatchery to diversify our microalgae production techniques that we use to feed our animals. At first, an adaptation phase was necessary so we could have a training on this machine and in a second stage, several adjustments were made to adapt this new tool to our premises and our method of working. We were able to rely on the members of Synoxis Algae who were very available and attentive to our needs which allowed an efficient learning and work in close collaboration. Today, LUCY answers fully our expectations in terms of quality, performance and productivity and we consider continuing working with Synoxis Algae in the future. ”


“We met Synoxis Algae through several try outs on the culture of our microalgae in the photobioreactor LUCY. Thanks to this work, organized on very short notice just before the summer holiday, we were able to evaluate and validate a new production model that seems promising. Immunrise wishes today to pursue with this solution and for that reason has acquired a NANO extended, perfectly designed for R&D trials.
We greatly thank the whole Synoxis Algae team for their skills, their professionalism and their goodwill throughout this long collaboration. ”


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