Training course

We support you throughout the entire process of implementing your future photobioreactor. The training lasts one and a half days with a maximum of three participants. It must be done before using it for the very first time. A recall can be done several months after installation. It is conducted in your facilities, by our microalgae project manager.

Training Course

At your site or remotely, you will be trained in the use of our PBRs by our marine biology engineer. This training course is intended for a maximum of three people and has to be done before any first use of the equipment. We provide the user manuals and cultivation follow up materials.


All our photobioreactors have a one-year warranty with the substitution of parts in the context of their normal use (described in our manuals). The warranty term starts on the first day of the training course. The warranty can be extended to two years (tranquillity and serenity packs).


After training, your instructor remains available by telephone or email to accompany you during your first cultures. They are committed to answering you within 48 hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (working days).


After one year of use, a technician can perform an audit on the photobioreactor to check that it is working properly and to change parts, if necessary.