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Your new way of cultivating algae

Synoxis algae design and build cultivation systems for macroalgae and microalgae. Discover all our products : photobioreactors new generation to facilitate microalgae cultivation for professionnals and traditional cultivation systems for macroalgae. 

Why choose Synoxis Algae’s products?

An innovative and efficient technology


Significant results

Isochrysis Affinis Galbana

Isochrysis Affinis Galbana (T-ISO)

130 million of cells/ml


Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina)

7 G/L of dry mass


Chlorella Vulgaris (Chlorella)

500 million of cells/ml

A complete range

All our products are built around the SALT technology.


They share their experiences

“Having been able to use LUCY to produce algal biomass, I can testify that it is a compact photobioreactor, very easy to use, controlled by an on-board software that allows both to define culture parameters and to record data. Moreover, because of the proximity of the crops to the light sources, LUCY allows very high productivity to be achieved. And to top it all off, LUCY is very beautiful.”


“LUCY meets all our expectations, very easy to use and very convincing performance! The Synoxis team is completely available to assist us in our troubleshooting and specific customisations, which is particularly appreciated!”


“One and a half years ago, we acquired a LUCY photobioreactor in our shellfish hatchery in order to diversify our microalgae production techniques used to feed our animals. Initially, a phase of adaptation was necessary in order to train on the machine and in a second time, several adjustments were carried out in order to adapt this new tool to our premises, as well as to our way of working. We were able to count on the members of Synoxis Algae who were very available and attentive to our needs, which allowed us to learn and work efficiently in close collaboration. Today, LUCY fully meets our expectations in terms of quality, performance and productivity and we are looking forward to continue working with Synoxis Algae in the future.”


“Our encounter with Synoxis algae took place through the first tests carried out on the culture of our microalgae in the Lucy photobioreactor. Thanks to this work, organised in a hurry before the summer holidays, we were able to evaluate and validate a new production model which seems promising. Immunrise now wishes to further develop this solution and has therefore acquired the Nano extended, perfectly designed for R&D trials.
We would like to thank the entire Synoxis Algae team for their competence, professionalism and kindness throughout this collaboration.”


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