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Plug and Produce

The “Plug and Produce” line combines robustness and industrial production. Each photobioreactor in this line incorporates SALT technology and agitation which is soft and energy-efficient, which is designed to facilitate scaling up and assembly, whilst maintaining the same level of productivity.

JUMBO, your 285 L industrial photobioreactor

photobioreacteur JUMBO

JUMBO uses SALT SALT technology coupled with a pilot system so you can scale up at an industrial level. You can control the following parameters:

  • pH regulation via CO2 injection
  • Regulation of non-intrusive temperature thanks to air conditioning
  • Management of injections (new medium, nutrients, salt, or fresh water) and samples
  • Air agitation
  • Control of light intensity up to 600 µmol

You can save customised programmes and store data

This robust tool is intended for manufactures in various different sectors: aquaculture, food production, cosmetic companies, etc. Do not be fooled by its 285 L volume. Depending on your needs, it can be a full-scale production tool, an instrument for inoculum production or it can even be a part in the pilot phase of a project. In general terms, our SALT photobioreactors produce on average 1g/litre/day depending on the strain. For example, we compared a JUMBO and a 300 L tank, both of which containing a Tisochrysis culture; JUMBO produced fifteen times more than the 300 L tank at the same volume. Another advantage of high concentration is that you can produce more in less space (less than 10 m2) and less water is consumed.

This industrial photobioreactor guarantees the user a high level of reliability for their microalgae cultures. This system secures biomass production throughout the whole year. Cultures can be grown in semi-continuous, or continuous modes, by providing fresh medium.

In addition, we have developed protocols to ease its usage. Cleaning and disinfection are carried out in place (CIP) in order to save time without disassembling the growth chamber for easy maintenance.

Main features

Control system

  • pH
  • Light at a variable intensity
  • Temperature
  • Dosing of the liquid inputs
  • Agitation

Easy to clean

Compatibility: sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Cultivation modes: Batch, fed-batch, semi-continuous, continuous

Data storage

Touch screen with live data reading

Mobile system

LED lighting: 4,6 watts/litre

S/V (illuminated surface/culture volume): 59 m²/m³

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