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Synoxis algae is not limited to working just with microalgae and is also focused on macroalgae. In Europe, production mainly takes place at sea, using harvesting. However, there are other means of cultivating macroalgae, whether for trials or start first production cycles. We can use two techniques: tanks with bubbling agitation and raceway-type ponds with paddle wheel agitation.

agitation par bullage pour agiter les algues et microalgues

Bubbling agitation: a gentle type of agitation

Bubbling agitation is a technique typically found in tanks. It is a well-proven technique that has been used for years in the aquaculture sector. A nozzle is installed at the lowest point of the culture system for injecting air. The formation of bubbles in the aqueous liquid creates gentle agitation and allows for a gas/liquid exchange. This technique applies to macroalgae but is perfectly convenient for use in other species such as microalgae and rotifers, even the most fragile ones because no screw propeller or pump is used. It provides non-intrusive agitation. This solution is economical and easy to implement. It is sufficient simply to connect the culture tool to the existing air network or to an air compressor.

Agitation by paddle wheel: a type of mechanical agitation

The paddle wheel is a wheel equipped with blades to create a fluid movement. It is placed on a motorised rotating axis. This technique is used in ponds, usually called raceways, a very popular tool in aquaculture. These are easy-to-implement systems, with a low investment cost and easy maintenance. They are energy efficient. Depending on their size, ponds serve as R&D or production tools. These are culture systems adapted to macroalgae, as well as certain slightly fragile microalgae.

roue à aube à vitesse variable pour culture de microalgue et macroalgue

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