Our approach

Synoxis Algae positions the user experience at the center of its innovation process resulting in a 360° support approach of projects with 4 keystones: the microalga, the user, the cultivation environment and the production tool.

The key success factors of your project

The microalga

Cultivation parameters are different for every microalga. Knowing them gives you a significant advantage for high results. We offer you the opportunity to test your microalgae in our equipment at our facilities in advance of your project. This test will let you know if the technology fits your requirement.

The user

We support you throughout the integration process of your photobioreactor: identification of your needs, basic or tailor-made training, set up in your facilities, regular follow-up/direct assistance. This support is for us essential for the success of your project.

The cultivation environment

Depending on your cultivation environment, the use of the cultivation microalgae system has to be adapted. We advise you on its implementation.

 The production tool

The cultivation system is a key factor in the success of your project. During your reflection, it is important to choose the right production tool: productive, reliable and compatible with your microalgae strains.

A 360° support

Study of your project

The first step is to analyze your request and define together which equipment is best suited to your needs.

Compatibility test

Do you wish to validate the compatibility of your microalgae with our cultivation equipment? Order a test in our laboratory before your purchase! We will provide you with a full report on the productivities and concentrations achieved.

Training course

For a perfect integration of your photobioreactor, we train you during the set up according to your needs and knowledge.

Tools to help you cultivate

Booklets, protocols… are systematically provided with our equipment to help you in your day to day and give you every success key.

Regular follow-up

We assure a regular client follow-up after the set-up of every microalgae cultivation equipment.

Accessories and consumables

Need products? Tools? No worry, we avec different kits to help you! (available on demand)

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