Our other creations

Our first goal: facilitate the cultivation of microalgae. In addition to our SALT photobioreactor range, we have other tools to help you cultivate microalgae: mini-raceway, tanks, pilot system, LED ramp. We also study your demands for tailor made tools.


Raceways or pound are basic cultivation tools well known by those who produce algae. With its design shaped as race course, the raceway is usually thirty meters long.
By being constantly in contact with microalgae cultivators, we created a smaller version of 1m36 long and 65cm large, with several options: an open version or a closed one with or without paddle wheel. It is easy to install and is adapted for you R&D projects before producing at an industrial level.

Main features

Length: 1m36
Width: 65 cm
Capacity: 250 L
Options: bubbling, emptying, sampling and injecting connectors, base, lid, LED, pilot system

Materials: White PVC (pound) et Colorless PMMA (paddle wheel)
Gear motor: 30 tours/min with variable speed device of the rotation
Price: on demand


For the cultivation of algae and microalgae, we build tanks of different capacity: 37L, 120L, 300L, 500L et 600L.
The tank is equipped with a pricking for a bubbling at low point. On demand we can add a lid for a better protection of your cultures, LED to increase your productivities, a pilot system to control your cultivation parameters.

Main features

Capacity: 37L, 300L, 500L et 600L.
Materials: PMMA or PETG
Valve: Ø20mm

Flutted connector: Ø6mm
Lid: on demand
Base: on demand – adjustment of the feet of the base on demand

Pilot system

It is particularly adapted to control the different parameters of microalgae cultivation but also macro algae: pH, variable light intensity, temperature, input mixes, liquids, agitation. Two growth chambers can be controlled with this system.
Its touch screen allows an easy and intuitive use. It automatically collects cultivation data, you can adjust your cultivation parameters to have the best performances

Main features

2 pH probe outputs
2 air injections + CO2
2 temperature probe outputs

2 light pilots
6 dosing pumps
Affordable technology: starting price at 8 800€ ex works

LED ramps

Light is an essential element to develop microalgae. With our LED bars you can regulate luminosity at the irradiant degree you want for photosynthesis to occur.
Our LED have been studied in the goal to increase your productivities. If needed, we can accompany you to personalize or even create your own LED ramps: spectrum color (white, colors, custom), number of LED units, together we define your needs in light to optimize the growth of your microalgae and reduce your energy expanses.

Main features

Electric power: 100-250W
Length: 100 – 250 cm
Irradiance at 25 cm: 400 µmol.m-2.s-1
Color temperature: 5000 kelvin

Light regulation: 0 to a 100%
Light source: constant current
Diffusion angle: 120° (adaptable on demand)
Guaranty: 4 years

synoxis algae accessoire barre LED

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