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The Plug and play range is based on 3 axes: ergonomics, mobility and accessibility. LUCY is the first photobioreactor built by Synoxis algae. LUCY has already proven its value to several companies. The photobioreactor was built to be easily movable and usable. So, a training provided by us is enough to use the photobioreactor and improve your productivities.

Technical file

Our photobioreactor for every type of users

LUCY is the first product designed and built by Synoxis algae. It integrates the SALT (Spiral, Air Lift, Tubular) and produces microalgae of quality and with high productivities. Used for inoculum production as well as a study tool for research laboratories, LUCY has the capacity to respond to the needs of most of the market.
Since 2017, our Plug and Play photobioreactor, with a capacity of 16 liters, has known how to conquer the heart of the:

  • Creative ones by its unique and thought-out design
  • New technologies fans thanks to its complete system and numerous functionalities
  • Thrifty ones by its competitive price
  • Microalgae lovers by its performances

Adopting LUCY means taking part of the family of the new generation microalgae cultivators who wish to combine performance and simplicity of use. Beyond facilitating microalgae cultivation, LUCY contributes to the reduction of the hardship of work.

lucy photobioreacteur innovant

2020: New decade, new LUCY

Always there to facilitate your daily microalgae routine, the second version of LUCY keeps the same codes (ergonomics, mobility and accessibility) and adds more Play.

Its touch screen is more responsive and will simplify even more your microalgae cultivation process. You will be able to regulate the pH, the temperature, pilot the light intensity and manage the injections and sampling and also put in place personalized programs. The data is at the same time archived.

2020 also brings other functionalities to LUCY. We have optimized the ergonomics, integrated the thermic regulation and added some clever storage spaces (even for your CO2 bottle). And a dazzling novelty: you now can go up to 1400 µmol of photons/m2/s*. And all that on only 1m2 of floor space.

LUCY V2 has already proven its value. Last record: a concentration of 7g/liter of dry spirulina. Dare to do better?


*This value represents the luminous stream based on the surface. The bigger the value, the more the object is lit by this source and will receive photons. The photons are a reaction to the photosynthesis which is essential for microalgae growth.

Our favorite

We are not going to lie to you, it is our favorite photobioreactor (well mostly Clara’s who is writing the text on the website) for a lot of reasons:

First, it is the first one. Presented for the first time at the ISAP congress in Nantes in 2017, it is the inspiration for the entire Synoxis Algae range of products: Plug and experiment, Plug and produce. To this day we have installed about 30 photobioreactors.

Secondly, it is very pretty. The goal in its creation was to break with the traditional codes of photobioreactors. We wanted to make a cultivation system that was easy to handle with and eye-catching design. The method used for this realization was the design thinking that put the user at the center of the creative process.

Thirdly, it’s the best. LUCY has surprises us many times with her performances: 450 million of cells per millimeter on Chlorella, not bad no?

Fourthly, it is full of surprises. LUCY always comes with us on events and everybody stops to take picture and asks us questions (even those who do not cultivate microalgae 😉).

It would be too long to list all the qualities of LUCY, this is why we invite you, if you are interested, to take contact with us and to meet LUCY in person. For that, it is simple: click here.

LUCY v2 photobioreacteur ergonomique

Main features

Pilot system

  • pH
  • Variable luminous intensity
  • Temperature
  • Metering of the liquids
  • Agitation

4 glass or plastic tubes

Easy to clean

Capacity : 16 litres

Compatibility : sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Cultivation mode : Batch, fed batch, semi-continuous, continuous

Recording of the data

Touch-screen with live viewing of the data

Mobile system

LED lighting: 120 watts

LED configuration : white or colors

S/V (illuminated surface-area-to-volume) : 59 m²/m³

Price on demand

Download the technical file

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