LEO, the benchtop photobioreactor optimised for the cultivation of macroalgae

LEO was born from a client request: to carry out four cultures at the same time and in an independent way.

LEO is made of four totally independent culture chambers. You can start four cultures at a time with the same species or, alternatively, with four different species. The chambers are equipped with LED modules, positioned in order to optimise the light flow (without a loss of photons). The intensity is adjustable and can go up to 600 µmoles for aquaculture in tanks!

Each chamber houses a transparent and totally demountable 30 L culture tank.

This tank, with a conical bottom, is equipped with a nozzle at the lowest central point of the tank for bubble agitation. It uses a soft agitation, convenient for many algae species. A non-return clapper secures the air injection and avoids any return of biomass to the air network. This agitation is equally economical: no pump, no screw propeller, simply air injection, that can be enriched in CO2 for regulating pH. Its conical bottom and the purge valve are easily accessible and facilitate the emptying of the tank. We propose a base with adjustable feet for better stability and a hermetic lid for preserving algae from external contamination. A graduation scale is present in the tank to indicate the water level.

These four chambers are connected to the same single control system. You will monitor and control the following parameters with the touch screen:

  • pH
  • Luminosity
  • Air agitation
  • CO2 injection
  • Nutrients

The culture temperature is regulated by a chiller/heater and is shared by all four of the chambers.

This tool is perfectly suited to your R&D and production projects with microalgae, macroalgae, rotifers…

LEO is your ally in optimising your aquacultures in tanks!

Main features

Control system

  • pH
  • Light at a variable intensity
  • Temperature
  • Dosing of the liquid inputs
  • Agitation

Easy to clean

Capacity: 30 litres per growth chamber

Compatibility: sea water, fresh water, brackish water

Data storage

Touch screen with live data reading

LED lighting : up to 600µmol/m2/s

Price upon demand

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