Customised study

Keep in touch with our sales and technical team about your project. Our objective is to understand your project in its entirety to provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.

Technical audit

The very first step is to define your project and your goals: secure your biomass, increase productivity, produce more in the same space, improve the ergonomics of the algae production stations, etc. We conduct a full audit of where you are at the moment and keep in mind where you want to go.

Cost calculations

Together we calculate the investment and annual expenditure costs (CAPEX / OPEX) of your current production method and compare them to the production costs with SALT technology.

Study report

You will receive a detailed report of the technical audit and the financial study of the project, as well as our recommendations. We recommend an appointment at your site and then a second appointment in our laboratory with the purpose of reinforcing this study.