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We provide you with support beyond cultivation tools. Here you can find the accessories and replacement parts necessary for a successful culture. These peripherals have been tested and validated by our technical team in order to ensure the quality of the products.

rampe de led

LED Ramps

The light is an essential element for the development of algae.

This proven LED Technology is a major asset for increasing the productivity of your cultivations. In addition, they heat up less than compact fluorescent tubes and have a long service life. They are also very resistant in hostile environments (moisture, water projection, salty environment…).
For certain installations, they help to reduce energy expenses. We can advise you on the adaptation of these LED ramps to your current or future installations (distance in relation to your cultivation tool, light intensity required…).

cuve de stockage


We selected a tank adapted to your cultivation and cleaning process. It is perfectly adequate for managing great volumes (water, nutrients, harvest…).

We equip this tank with an air filter, connectors (bubbling, draining, sampling) and with a washing ball.
This tank, made with rotationally moulded PE, meets food production requirements, is anti-UV, and resistant to acid and basic products.



We selected compressors with a compact and elegant design, perfectly suitable for algae cultivation. They provide adequate air quality that is free of oil, are simple to use, and require minimal maintenance.
This silent compressor is suitable for laboratory-type rooms and moderate air requirements.

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pièces de rechange

Replacement parts

Couplers, gaskets, hoses…

We are committed to sourcing the best parts for our equipment. Each part is tested and approved before it goes into a machine. We take care of always validating their chemical and mechanical proprieties. Our objective is to select durable, high-quality parts, that meet the requirements of tomorrow.

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