About us


01. Innovation

Our photobioreactor LUCY is the first of its kind. No other company has the SALT technology in its microalgae cultivation system.

We are also proud to be part of the French Tech community.


02. Performance

We developed photobioreactors that were aesthetic but also capable to produce more and quicker than traditional systems. The SALT technology allows us to achieve such results.


03. Quality

We do our best to ensure that your microalgae are cultivated in the best environment. Our photobioreactors respect your microalgae thanks to the smooth agitation of the SALT technology.


04. Customer satisfaction

Synoxis Algae designs its photobioreactor NANO, LUCY and JUMBO on the basis of design thinking. This method of reflection and design centered on the user made possible the development of tools accessible to every professional (laboratories, hatcheries, aquariums, formation centers….)

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Our approach

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Who are we ?

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